Prepare for emergency situations with private food supplies

A well organized pantry is a dream of every prepper. But also for families, it is necessary to keep some supplies at home.

Prepare for emergency situations with private food supplies

Some people store food at home to prepare before a possible emergency situation.

An emergency supply? That's not necessary! I have a supermarket around the corner!

Different foods as emergency supply

In our modern world, a reliable supply of food, drinking water and medicines is always guaranteed! What should I prepare for?

Despite sophisticated modern systems, people still find themselves in emergency situations caused by natural disasters. In the news, you can occasionally see pictures of floods and flooded cellars. Soon it is impossible to go to the supermarket and you have to help yourself or your neighbors at home.

Other dangers are earthquakes with collapsing houses, storms with fallen trees and blocked access roads. Snow-covered villages in the mountains or simply blocked roads by snowdrifts.

People living in affected regions are well advised to make provisions for emergencies - by storing the most important items for everyday life, food, water and medicines at home.

What to do in case of a power failure?

Candles in the dark during a power outage

At the same time, over the past centuries we as human beings have become accustomed to a constant availability of food from the supermarket, hot water from the tap and light at the touch of a button. A power failure lasting several hours can upset this balance very quickly!

The first thing to fail are the supermarket cooling systems, as they consume a lot of electricity. The cash register systems also stop working. Maybe the supermarket still sells food for cash - if you have any. Unfortunately, the card payment only works with electricity, so that's it. In the worst case the supermarket is empty after a few hours due to panic and hamster purchases. The trucks that fill up the shelves every day also stop running…

You can imagine that such a situation can quickly become unpleasant!

Better prepare for unforeseen events, instead of worrying when it is to late!

With the Prepper App you get a proven method for crisis prevention: Through private provision at home with food, drinks and medication.

The federal government recommends that food be kept in stock for 10 days. With these food stocks you and your family are already quite well prepared for an emergency - even larger stocks are of course even better!

"Prepping" comes from "to prepare", and is not to be mistaken for panic buying. Finally, it is not about buying until the supermarket shelves are empty, but about carefully choosing and stocking supplies. Like your grandparents did in good old times.  Therefore we do not see Prepper as a negative loaded word - but we called our app even Prepper App before 2019. In the mean time, because of added features, we changed the name to Pantry Chief.

How does the Prepper App help with your preparation?

With our app you get a tool that allows you to easily record what food you have at home. And this by means of a barcode scanner. You can also organize the food in storage locations. You always have an overview of expiring or expired food and can exchange it in time. This is a very useful feature especially for large stocks!

Furthermore Pantry Chief supports you with a balanced diet. Sufficient carbohydrates in the form of pasta are certainly a first step, but without a certain amount of protein and fat this would be a rather unhealthy diet.

As the last and most important factor, the Pantry Chief determines how long your supplies will last! For this purpose, you can enter the body measurements for each household member, which are used to determine the individual calorie requirement. Alternatively, you can also enter your own value for the calorie requirement. Now the energy content of all food in your stock will be compared with the energy requirements of your household. This determines the number of days the stock lasts. The same is calculated for the liquid and water requirements.

Statistik mit Nähr- und Energiewerten sowie der Zusammensetzung der Nährwerte
This statistic is calculated in preparations mode for each storage location as well as the total storage

Suppose you want to provide for your family for ten days, as recommended by the federal government. If, for example, your provisions only last nine days, as shown in the picture, you can see exactly what other products you should buy to reach your goal in the nutritional statistics below: A well-balanced stock that will keep for a long time and provide security for a certain time! By the way, the example picture does not contain any fat and protein-containing food - the stock is otherwise too rich in carbohydrates.

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