Hello Icebox

How do I organise my freezer and what is the best way to defrost it? We support you with helpful tips and tricks for these questions.

Hello Icebox
Photo by Dev Benjamin / Unsplash

It is the quickest and easiest way to preserve food. But who has ever thought about how to store food properly in the freezer and what the benefits are?

Good advice is not expensive

We thought about this question and compiled our tips for you here. To use the freezer even more effectively, it is important to defrost it regularly. We'll show you how.

Of course, the sustainability aspect also plays a major role in this topic. Sustainability through energy efficiency. This is because a well-filled freezer with few air gaps requires less energy. This keeps the temperature constant. Frozen food retains its temperature very easily due to its consistency. More electricity must be used to cool empty space. You should therefore opt for square boxes that are easy to stack. Well-labelled and sorted by category, you can find the food you want in just a few easy steps. With a self-created barcode, the app can support you even better and you can immediately see how long the stock in the fridge will keep.

People often ask themselves how long frozen food will keep. This question is justified. There are different recommendations outside in the world wide web. Of course, just because the specified period has been exceeded does not mean that it is spoilt. Just test it out. You'll be surprised how much longer food can be eaten safely.

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Defrost correctly!

Has a thick layer of ice already formed in the fridge? Then it's time to defrost it as soon as possible. This will save you electricity and give you more space for more food. We show you how to do it easily.

  1. Clear out food.
  2. Switch off the refrigerator or fridge-freezer.
  3. Clear out all shelves and compartments.
  4. Lay out kitchen towels on the floor. These will catch the water.
  5. The ice will melt much faster due to the vapour spreading. This is also our tip! There are two options here:
    Slow: Melt the ice slowly by opening the freezer or refrigerator doors wide open.
    Fast: Place a pan of hot water on the base of the appliance and close the door. The ice will melt much faster due to the vapour spreading. This is also our tip!
  6. Depending on how badly the freezer compartment is iced up, defrosting will take some time. If you use our tip, you can check after just 15 minutes to see if the icing has come off. In the meantime, you can wash out and dry the shelves or drawers.
  7. Try to remove the ice carefully to avoid damaging it. If you still need to scrape it off, use a wooden spoon or plastic scraper. Pour the scraped ice cream into a bucket.
  8. Wipe and away. It is best to clean the icebox with a sponge and wipe all areas with warm rinsing water. Don't forget the seal! Afterwards, wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth. Otherwise the water will freeze and ice will form again very quickly.
  9. Refill. Now put all the food back into the freezer. This saves electricity when you switch the freezer back on, as it does not have to cool down to the standard temperature all by itself.
  10. Power on - now everything is super clean again and ready to go at the touch of a button.

As you can see, it's very simple and takes very little time. So let's go and declare the ice the war.

Have fun, Kira